The Children’s Crisis Center provide shelter and safety to children at risk of abuse and neglect.  Since 1980, we’ve provided over a million hours of care and supervision to children who otherwise would have had no place else to go.

Families are served annually
Children are served annually
Children receive respite shelter services daily
New families (about 80 children) are referred monthly


“It has been a turning point for our family to be able to survive.”

“This is a great resource for parents to get ahead in life. The kids are in a safe place.”

“They help me realize that my son needed an IEP and I was able to get him more help.”

“The program has helped tremendously! I have been able to improve my and my son’s life and work towards a better future because of this program.”

“I like that the staff is nurturing to the children and that you are dependable.”

“Helps me to get to N.A. meetings that I need for the program I am in.”

“We are elderly grandparents with a very sick daughter. This program has made it possible for us to have our own little ones stay with us.”

“They usually have items donated such as clothes and food and that helps out as well.”

“Thank you for the blessings that this program has provided for my family.”

“It has helped my child with learning new things; everyday he has learned something new.”

“It is a godsend considering we have no other support.”

“I wouldn’t have been able to keep my grandson without this program. He was totally unsocialized when I got him (22 months). He pointed & grunted. Now he’s socializing with other children!”

“They’re understanding of my child’s special needs and are patient and knowledgeable.”

“They have allowed me to be able to go to meetings which helped me to maintain sobriety. Thank you.”

“This program has had an amazing impact on my child’s development skills.”

24-hour emergency shelter
and childcare services for children

The Children’s Crisis Center of Stanislaus County is a private, nonprofit, child abuse prevention and intervention program serving all of Stanislaus County, with five shelters located in Modesto, Ceres, Turlock and Oakdale.